Vetpharm Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 1987 when it acquired the operations of Syntex Lab (S) Pte Ltd.

Vetpharm Laboratories (S) has since establish ourselves as a credible and respected company in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Vetpharm Suzhou is a wholely owned company of Vetpharm Laboratories (S) to serve our customers in China, to bring Vetpharm Laboratories (S)’s service quality and product assurance to China.


Vetpharm Laboratories initially started with a selected line of products and formulas, but has since developed many new specialty products to suit the needs of our customers. Vetpharm’s products have achieved much commercial success, and are currently sold in Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Brunei. We are developing several new markets and are in strategic partnership with Shanghai TongRen Pharmaceuticals in specialty injectable and liquid products.

Although Vetpharm offers a wide range of products, our specialty lies in Nutritional/Supplementary as well as therapeutic products for Poultry and Swine. We also offer a strong lineup of Water Soluble Medicaments and Liquid preparations. We are able to formulate and customize products customized to the exact needs of our clients. Over the years we have ventured into Green and natural products with many breakthroughs especially in the combination of Nucleotides, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Amino Acids and Vitamins. We have also strong Oregano and essential oil products and unique Toxin Binder. Vetpharm has also launched into pet food and supplements.

Competitive Pricing and Services
At Vetpharm, all our products are competitively priced. We also provide free consultation and product support from our experienced technical staff. At Vetpharm, our philosophy is “Tell us your needs, and we will give you the solution”. Tell us your special requirements, and we will work closely with your company to develop the best products to suit your needs.


Dr Thanit Yoonaisil
Dr Thanit Yoonaisil is a renowned Veterinarian and an expert in Pet Nutrition and Diseases. He is also a visiting lecturer at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand. Dr Thanit has specialty in the usage of nucleotides, probiotics and prebiotics in pet’s nutrition.

Wong Mun Chiang, Managing Director of Vetpharm Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd
Mr Wong is a registered pharmacist graduated from the National University of Singapore and has been practicing for 30 years in the veterinary fields.

Over the years, Mr Wong has worked with researchers from different parts of the world developing several breakthrough products and he has special interest in Natural Green products. Mr Wong has also been working closely with the Thai and Bangladesh counterparts and successfully developed a series of breakthrough products using natural Nucleotides, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Yeast Extract Proteins, Oregano, Betaine.

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