About Us

Company History

Vetpharm Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 1987 when it acquired the operations of Syntex Lab (S) Pte Ltd. Vetpharm has since establish ourself as a credible and respected company in the field
of veterinary pharmaceuticals.
Vetpharm Suzhou is a wholely owned company of Vetpharm Laboratories (S) to serve our customers in China, to bring Vetpharm Laboratories (S) service quality and product assurance to China.

Company Mission
Vetpharm develops and produces feed additives, premixes and services for healthy and profitable animal production industry through nutrition.

Product and Quality Assurance
We invest continuously in development and quality control to guarantee high quality products and help to provide better protection against disease in an economically viable manner.
Our customers purchase our products with full confidence in its reliability and performance. This is a value which we strive to uphold.

Vetpharm exports its products worldwide and is always looking for dynamic partners. We consistently pursues product registration and supports our partners with technical support.