Dietary / Nutritional Supplement

“PERFORMIN III PREMIX is a balanced mixture of organic chelated minerals with added Growth Promoters and Enhancers specially formulated for layers, broilers and breeders. The binding of the minerals to a chelate ensures the minerals to become more acid resistant and thus leading to better absorption and bio-availability. The metal proteinates are also 3-4 times less toxic than corresponding inorganic mineral supplements. The addition of chromium Picolinate stimulates and promotes the synthesis of body hormones.
Performin III premix is a light brown free flowing granular powder which is insoluble in water. Performin III Premix has a characteristic odour of mineral proteinates. Performin III has a composition of 1.3% w/w of elemental iron, 0.7% w/w of elemental manganese, 0.002% w/w of elemental selenium, 1.2% of elemental zinc,0.18% of elemental copper and 0.02% w/w of elemental chromium with calcium carbonate used as diluent. Performin III Premix contains not less than 92.5% and not more than 107.5% of the label stated strength of the mineral proteinates. Performin III Premix should be stored in airtight containers and protected from light.”